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DIY Bouquet Bar

Regular price $550.00 USD
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Looking for a fun activity for your event? DIY Bouquet Bar is the perfect way to entertain your guests. Your guests will be able to select their own flowers from a wide range of options available.

-Mobile flower cart, we come to wherever you are!

-Accomodate up to 30 guests.

-Up to a dozen variety of flowers will be provided in a range of colors.

-A step by step formula will be provided. Example: pick 2 from first row, 3 from second ...

-2 hour activity assisted by a team member.

-Flowers will be gift wrapped with light decorations like ribbon.

-Price does not include the travel + setup fee. No fees applied for in-store events.

 Please call or send us an email at to confirm availability. Once ready, add to cart and proceed to checkout. Please select the date and time of your event on the calender. Please disregard the instructions regarding "delivery/pickup." 

More daily designs and gift options available in store pick up.